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Finding Orthodontic Services for My Child


If your dentist has told you that your child needs orthodontics, you may be wondering how to find the right service. Your dentist will likely recommend someone they have worked with, which is a valuable referral. However, it can be helpful to do some research before settling on the first service mentioned.

Using the Latest in Orthodontics Technology

Orthodontics has come a long way from the early days of braces. New products are more comfortable and can be more appealing. You also want the dentist to recommend technology that is right for your child rather than a standard method of improving a smile.

Invisible braces can help kids feel less self-conscious with their friends and peers. They are hardly noticeable when you smile, which can alleviate a lot of the worry that comes with getting braces for teens. Ceramic braces are another option that can look better than traditional braces.

Some braces come with cool elastic colors for those kids who want to show them off. They may decide to make their braces an accessory if they must wear them for the next year or longer. Even the traditional braces are more comfortable than they used to be, which makes it less painful for your child.

Be Board Certified

You will feel better about the orthodontist who treats your child if they are board-certified. To be certified by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), they must meet certain criteria. The orthodontist must pass both written and clinical examinations. Their credentials will receive a comprehensive review.

The process of becoming certified can take from five to ten years. They will need to be recertified every ten years to maintain their status. This lets you know that they are staying up to date on the latest techniques and standards of orthodontics yt1s.

Early Treatment

While teens may wear braces, orthodontics treatment can happen for kids much younger. It’s often better to seek early treatment if you know your child has issues with their teeth or jaw because they are still developing ifvod.

You will want to seek out an orthodontist that offers early treatment. This treatment is considered for kids as young as seven or eight and can help prevent the need for surgery or tooth extraction in the future.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

If the orthodontist finds issues in your younger child, early treatment can prevent other issues later. It can also help the permanent teeth to come in correctly later on. The orthodontist can help you correct problems that cause dental issues, such as thumb-sucking or pushing on the teeth with the tongue.

The orthodontist can correct jaw issues, such as an overbite or a crossbite, to ensure proper growth to accommodate permanent teeth. Early intervention helps prevent damage to new teeth and improves the appearance of the child’s smile before they become as self-conscious about it.

Early Treatment Goals

In the first phase of treatment with younger kids, the orthodontist will help correct biting and chewing and reduce the risk of damaging teeth. Treatment will also guide the permanent teeth into their proper position.

The second phase will focus on moving the permanent teeth into their correct positions while correcting any residual bite issues. The orthodontist continues to work on improving the function and appearance of the teeth. By taking care of some issues with early treatment, the second phase may not last as long.

Early treatment may be considered necessary if your child has a crossbite, open or deep bite, crowding, or spacing issues with the teeth. If the teeth don’t emerge when they are supposed to, intervention may be necessary.

Seek Orthodontic Service Early for Your Child

Don’t wait until your child has all their permanent teeth before having an orthodontics consultation. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment when the child is only seven or eight years old. It can help you plan for treatment in the future and ensure your child has a smile they love.

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